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Michael Bentley works in several different fields concurrently, dividing his time mainly between graphic design and music. With skills in graphic design and photography, content development and web design, composition and sound design, audio production, and small business management, Michael has a lot of tools to draw on when approaching a given project. Follow the links for more information on these various topics.

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Michael's design career began in the mid-80s with small projects for friends. Work at the San Francisco based Bold Print broadened his horizons and skills, as well as offering an opportunity to move to computer-based type-setting and page layout. Since then Michael has explored various approaches to design and worked for a variety of local businesses and small arts organizations, building a portfolio which includes, among other things, brochures, advertisements, logos and business cards, DVD and CD packages as well as websites. Michael works under the name Document RF and is available for jobs both small and large.

Another career has developed out of Michael's work in the field of electronic music. His work gained critical praise and his label, The Foundry, has produced over 30 releases which feature work from some of the most talented artists in the field of electronic, ambient and experimental music of this generation. With a wide range of musical interests, Michael also plays Scottish Dance music with the Bay Area's Red Thistle Dancers. This association has led to performances both domestically and abroad, as well as a handful of Scottish music recordings. While these interests may sound contradictory, each plays to different aspects of this musician's talents and interest in making organized sound.

Michael also serves on the board of directors for two non-profit tax-exempt organizations and has worked as part of organizing committees for a handful of local Highland Games and other events. Following along with his interest in Scottish culture and history, Michael is certified as a coach and referee for the Scottish sport of shinty, and has made many cultural presentations before local Scottish-American organizations. All of these activities have given Michael experience in working with people, as both a speaker, educator, volunteer, and co-worker.

If you have any questions or want more information on Michael's activities, please contact us directly [substitute @ for (at) in the address].