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Susan Worland Bentley
Scottish Music for Listening & Dancing

With guest musicians Michael Bentley, Renata Bratt, Andy Imbrie, Gary Innes, Calli Morrow, Etienne Ozorak, Lyle Ramshaw

Lyrical harp and fiddle duets, toe-tapping jigs and reels, glorious strathspeys from Scotland's 18th century composers, traditional tunes along with several written in the 21st century. There is something for everyone here, whether you're a country dancer, a country dance teacher, an iPod listener, or a CD-while-driving lover of Celtic music!

Susan Worland Bentley is an award-winning fiddler in the Scottish tradition. She regularly plays for Scottish country dance events on both coasts and in Canada. Drawing on her classical training, she also spins lovely sounds for quieter listening.

Susan has appeared on many Scottish music recordings, with the bands Tullochgorum and Reel of Seven, and with Red Thistle Music and the Bayside and Benside Ensemble. This combined listening and dancing CD is her first solo recording.

  1. Meeting And Greeting (SCD 6x32 Jig) 3:41
  2. The Isle of Aigas 2:45
  3. The Mungo Set 3:29
  4. Adieu Mon Ami (SCD 8X32 Strathspey) 8:06
  5. Miss Bielby's Waltz 2:17
  6. The Ewing Fiddlers (SCD 8X32 Reel) 4:41
  7. The Farewell Suite 3:07
  8. Home Again (SCD 8X32 Jig) 4:55
  9. Homage a Canada 6:16
  10. Susan's Souvenir (SCD 3X32 Strathspey) 3:17
  11. The Selkie 3:02
  12. Lady Susan Stewart (SCD 8X32 Reel) 4:40
  13. August 19 (Waltz) 3:26