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Thirteen lively new Scottish Country Dance tracks!
Susan Worland Bentley (violin), Lyle Ramshaw (piano), Michael Bentley (bodhran & percussion; whistle on Sea Tangle of Skye)

A new release featuring never before recorded tunes for the popular dance Sea Tangle of Skye. New settings for The Breakdown, Rob Roy, and Lady Wynd, plus toe-tapping selections for classics such as General Stuart's Reel and Angus MacKinnon. The Breakdown features the playing of pianist Lyle Ramshaw and violinist Susan Worland Bentley (both from Fiddlesticks and Ivory) accompanied by percussionist Michael Bentley. This trio has been playing for Scottish Country Dancing frequently during the last three years; here is their first full-length recording.


  1. Lady Wynd (8 x 32 Jig) 4:37 MP3 excerpt
  2. Culla Bay (4 x 32 Strathspey) 4:06
  3. Angus MacKinnon's Hornpipe (8 x 32 Hornpipe) 4:41
  4. Strathspey Set (suitable for Bedrule) (8 x 32 Strathspey) 8:15
  5. Shiftin' Bobbins (8 x 32 Reel) 4:36 MP3 excerpt
  6. Jig Set (suitable for Pelorus Jack) (8 x 32 Jig) 4:40
  7. Rob Roy (4 x 32 Reel) 2:26
  8. Sea Tangle of Skye (8 x 32 Strathspey) 8:28
  9. Luckenbooth Brooch (8 x 32 Jig) 4:33
  10. The Breakdown (8 x 32 Reel) 4:35
  11. Tulloch Gorm (8 x 32 Strathspey) 8:06 MP3 excerpt
  12. Follow Me Home (8 x 32 Jig) 4:43
  13. General Stuart's Reel (8 x 32 Reel) 4:26

Twelve Scottish Country Dances in Strict Tempo
Susan Worland Bentley (violin), Andy Imbrie (piano), Michael Bentley (bodhran; whistle & vocals on Peat Fire Flame), Sherryl Fawx (soprano and alto recorders on The Hibiscus Waltz).

This first release from Red Thistle Music contains a recording for the popular modern dances The March Hare and The Scallywag, as well as new settings for Peat Fire Flame, Wha's at the Window, and Bill Little's Strathspey. Throw in favourites such as The Reel of the 51st Division and The Highlandman's Umbrella and you have a winning collection! The March Hare features the playing of pianist Andy Imbrie and violinist Susan Worland Bentley with contributions from Michael Bentley on bodhran and whistle, and Sherryl Fawx on recorders.


  1. The March Hare (6X32 Reel) 3:35 MP3 excerpt
  2. EH3 7AF (8X32 Jig) 4:39 MP3 excerpt
  3. Bill Little's Strathspey (8X32 Strathspey) 8:46 MP3 excerpt
  4. Whigmaleeries (8X32 Reel) 4:42
  5. The Scallywag (8X40 Jig) 5:59
  6. The Highlandman's Umbrella (4X32 Reel) 2:27
  7. Royal Wedding (8X32 Strathspey) 8:32
  8. Peat Fire Flame (8X40 Reel) 5:49
  9. Wha's at the Window (5X40 Jig) 3:42
  10. Drumelzier (4X32 Strathspey) 4:13
  11. The Reel of the 51st Division (8X32 Reel) 4:40
  12. The Hibiscus Waltz (4X32 Waltz) 5:21